Monday, March 31, 2008

design blogs to while away a rainy monday...

Thought I might pass along a link to a newish little blog that's heavy on design AND Andersonville (two of my fa-vor-ite things). You can start with a nice little review of our humble Studio.

Speaking of design blogs and Andersonville... Larry over at Scout down the street (who happens to be one of our regulars) got a nice little mention on designwatcher, a blog you might like.

And just in case you're still looking to waste some time reading about coolio stuffs, maybe head on over to Apartment Therapy-Chicago, where they're in the middle of an 8-week (Spring) Home Cure. I just bought the book and it full of great, practical perspectives on design and creating a holistically healthy "home".


Anonymous said...

Hello, Coffee Studio!

I am a regular at your lovely coffee shop, and heartily agree with all of the great press you've been getting. I've never had a finer cup of coffee than what you serve up. The design of the place is stunning, and you have a fabulous staff of friendly, fun baristas, who are great at their job. Thanks for coming to our neighborhood- keep up the good work!

If I could make one suggestion, it would be to change up the music. Particularly for those of us who visit a few times a week, the repetitiveness of the loop gets a bit annoying. I like that you've chosen something unobtrusive enough that one can read a book or have a conversation without getting distracted- but a bit of variety would be great. Perhaps the baristas would have some suggestions?

Emily from Andersonville

lee said...

Hi Emily,

Thanks for your kind comments!

I just wanted to let you know that we are working on expanding our playlist. We only play music that we have the legal rights to, so that makes it a little more difficult than you would think. We are indeed actively working on it though... trust me, we're ready for some new stuff too!

Thanks again,