Friday, January 18, 2008

joe who?


We got this nice little write-up in the food section of the Tribune this Wednesday.

For the record, not all of our baristas are bearded.


Anonymous said...

one complaint: please change the music. i spend several hours per week in your place and would probably spend more but that same ambient cd keeps playing over and over and over and over and ahhhh!

also please offer a reduced price for refills; visit most coffee shops in chicago and it is pretty standard practice.

lee said...

Thanks for the feedback.

I know, the playlist (as much as I love it) is starting to get a little old to some of us here, too.

Miguel's in charge of sourcing, purchasing and compiling our playlists, and he's been off working in Copenhagen for the last week or so. I'll give him your feedback and I'm sure he'll take it to heart and we'll make some changes as soon as we can!

But just so you know, we only play music that we have the legal rights for, so it's not quite as easy as you'd think. But thanks for letting us know that it's not just us who notices the "repeat"!

Now about the "refills". You're not the only one grumbling about it. In fact, here's my latest response:

"Thanks for the feedback about the refills. This is a tough one for me...

We pay a lot for the very best coffees in the world (in our opinion) and spend a lot of effort making sure that we prepare it expertly. A second cup of coffee (a "refill") doesn't really cost us any less than the first, and it's not like we're making all our money on the "pancakes" (for example) and can afford to give away the coffee "at cost"... our coffee is our main product.

That said, we do give a "cup" discount" for those who bring in their own travel mug (and even a "sleeve discount" for those who bring theirs back) and I can also appreciate the feeling, so I'm willing to give it a try and see what happens... from now on, we will offer an in-house coffee "refill" at a $.50 discount of the regular price. I think that's fair, and I hope you'll agree. Please feel free to let me know either way though!"

Happy coffee drinking,

Jake said...

Hey Lee,
We stopped out at The Coffee Studio on Saturday and had a great time. All the baristas enjoy their job and that says a lot about the shop and how they view it. Greg was showing me the Synesso, it's such a beautiful machine and the pid control is awesome. I snapped a couple photos in the shop, they're here:
You're more than welcome to use any of them if you'd like.

In regards to the music, we use XM satellite radio at our shop. XM pays all the royalty fees, so it allows us to be legal, get a good rotation of music, and not have any commercials. Their business website is: Hope this helps!

Several of us will probably be headed to Chicago in the spring, I look forward to stopping back out.
Beaver Falls Coffee & Tea

Steve said...

Stopped by this afternoon and got a tasty doppio...The place sure was crowded! ; )

bkkespresso said...

Nice coffee! Nice coffee shop! Great place to go and spend a nice time. Second to none in Chicago.
Suksit from Thailand.
Was there Monday Jan 21st, 2008 morning. Got a lovely cup of El Salvador.
Best of luck with your business.

Jay and Devin said...

We Like the bearded staff. LOL