Thursday, January 03, 2008


Finally a chance to take a deep breath...


So... Happy New Year from our Happy New Coffee Shop!

We're alive and well, closing up our fourth week of being open for business. I guess tomorrow is the start of our fifth week, though I swear that must have been the fastest four weeks ever!

We already have quite the cadre of regulars, and of course we want to thank all you guys who have posted to the blog or come by the shop to check it out and meet us. It's been our pleasure, for sure, and we hope to see more of you!

Now that we've got the basics down (e.g. aren't running out of milk, coffees and pastries every other day!), we're regrouping and figuring out how to do what we're doing even better. Our staff has been awesome, very flexible and patient, and they're all learning by leaps and bounds which is amazing to watch.

We've got a lot of work still ahead of us, but now that Miguel and I are at least sleeping and eating more like human beings, anything seems possible!

Other stuff in the works:
We're still down a Robur grinder... we see signs of ComEd around the place, but no promised electrical upgrade delivery date yet!

Our full exterior signage is still waiting on our contractors/trades' schedules, but we might put up some temporary signage to get a bit more street visibility.

More descriptive interior signage/informative descriptions/explanations is in the plan too... hope to find some time for it soon.

Developing our ongoing training program/coffee eduction plan. We're on our way to everyone at meeting our minimums, now we try to figure out how to get to the maximums!

Marketing.... letting people know we're here! We've got some press in the works and we'll be brainstorming how to focus our efforts. Hopefully a "Grand Opening" shin-dig will be a part of this.

Other stuff. Office stuff. Money stuff. Taxes stuff. Vendor stuff. Staff stuff. You know... running-a-coffee-shop-stuff.

I'll tell you though, all that stuff... SO much better than waiting-on-utilities-stuff!!! The "yay!" still hasn't gone away yet. Yay! Yay! Yay!

So come on by. We'll be smiling. We'll do coffee.


mikep said...

Congratualations on your first month-iversary!It was excellent to meet you guys. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

I've been by a number of times (usually Wednesday evenings and Saturdays, although the holidays screwed up the last few) and I'm really impressed. It's a warm, comfortable space, and the cappuccino is really perfectly rich. (Any chance you'll add sizes like Large or, ideally, I Dare You To Keep Me Up All Night?)

Anyway, congratulations! (And thank you. The world has plenty enough bad coffee. At some point I'm going to have to explore your other offerings, but right now, that capp is making me soooo happy.)

Steve said...

Love the place! I'll be around...

Anonymous said...

Your place is absolutely beautiful, and it's wonderful having it in the neighborhood. I was there a couple times during your first week, but I haven't been back since I was told that you "don't have refills". I've never been somewhere that charges full price to refill a mug of coffee! What's the reason for that? Do you not want people sticking around too long? I realize this is a pretty small detail in the grand scheme of things. But then again, anyone with such an wonderful eye for design like you have must know the importance of small details.

lee said...

Thanks for the feedback about the refills. This is a tough one for me...

We pay a lot for the very best coffees in the world (in our opinion) and spend a lot of effort making sure that we prepare it expertly. A second cup of coffee (a "refill") doesn't really cost us any less than the first, and it's not like we're making all our money on the "pancakes" (for example) and can afford to give away the coffee "at cost"... our coffee is our main product.

That said, we do give a "cup" discount" for those who bring in their own travel mug (and even a "sleeve discount" for those who bring theirs back) and I can also appreciate the feeling, so I'm willing to give it a try and see what happens... from now on, we will offer an in-house coffee "refill" at a $.50 discount of the regular price. I think that's fair, and I hope you'll agree. Please feel free to let me know either way though!

Happy coffee drinking,