Sunday, December 09, 2007


no time for posting, kids! we opened friday.

customers are kickin' our butts. it's awesome!

but we're running out of coffee, milk, pastries, singles... i have to go run to the bank right now (my scary first time leaving the shop since we've been open - yes, we're open from 6.30am to 9pm!).

it's been a week of 21 hour days (literally), and plenty of scrambling... but the team is kickin' it and the customers seem totally psyched! so, yah!

we're all (sleepy) smiles.

gotta go... hope to see you all soon. cheers!


Steve said...

Will find my way up there soon!

Jamie said...

Already found my way there twice (and I live 2 miles away!). It is FANTASTIC! Completely has lived up to the suspenseful build-up. If you haven't been there already, GO!

Jen said...

I am thrilled that you guys are finally open! You'll be seeing me just about every day... Thanks for all your hard work. It has paid off!

lee said...


Jimbo said...

I finally made my way in on Monday and the place is gorgeous. Nice work. Oh, the coffee is pretty damn good, too! YAY! I live just up the street and it's nice to have a coffee place so close. Can't wait to bring a book and enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the "Studio."

Congratulations, guys. I hope to meet you soon.


Steve said...

The weather is awful, and my windshield washer pump went kaput, but I will be up there when the weather is clear...Soon I hope..

Anonymous said...

time to change the cd!

crackedconcrete said...

Thanks for sharing these experiences and congratulations!

Best of luck,

Ed Whitman

Jay and Devin said...

Hey Guys, the place is great. Thanks for a wonderful spot right in the area.