Tuesday, November 06, 2007

ta-da... we're hiring!

Yup, finally.

As of yesterday, we have phone service!!! Boy, have I ever been so happy to hear a dial tone.

And that means that this show is finally on the road (we're actually still on temp power, but "c'est la vie"...we'll work around it!).

So, tell all your coffee (and non-coffee) peeps to send good people our way.

We're super excited to finally be back on track and just want to thank all you supportive folks for being so dang nice along the way.

Wish us luck!


Steve said...

Yipee! You don't need luck..You will do well!

Allan L. said...

Can't wait for you guys to open. Be prepared, your neighbors here on Olive are already planning to keep you in business for a long time!

Is there going to be an opening party?


Jen said...

I'm so excited! Looking forward to giving you guys my morning coffee money instead of corporate You-Know-Who down the street!

Jay and Devin said...

Okay Guys , let me know when you are ready to open. Ive' got a group of 20 plus guys that need a coffee place on sunday mornings. Clark and Olive Neighbors are ready for you

We are ready.

Tegan said...

Been walking past and can't wait. Would love to work there! ;]

John said...

We are Ready for our Closeup. Bring us coffee...