Thursday, November 08, 2007

Bonus Points

Jack-of-all-trades/Renaissance Man (Bloke?) James Hoffman, who just happens to be from my mother (and father) country and ok, who also happens to be the reigning World Barista Champion (ok, and a ridiculously good photographer, and a sweet musician... love the Bonobo remix in partcular BTW, but enough with the over-achieving already!) is pretty darn smart and brags about it on his blog all the time (just kidding!). No, he's really doing a pretty inspirational job pushing the limits of research and critical thinking about two things I find pretty fascinating personally, coffee and food science (/sometimes molecular gastronomy).

Anyway, I'm crazy busy today, so I don't have time to thoroughly read or think through this post of his noodling on extraction versus strength (which just popped up in my reader today), though I'd sure like to.

So, since I'm pretty sure some of you folks who may have been poking around on the newly very popular employment page on our website, may have poked around enough to end up over here at the blog. If so, you're probably on the right track. We're all about curious minds. So I'm not sayin' anything about checkin' out "JimSeven"'s post and summarizing or commenting about it here, I'm just sayin'...

(Actually, scrub that.) Just go poke around for fun... this guy's the epitome (and thankfully, you don't have to be this hardcore)!

PS- Sorry about all the asides... I think I may actually have drunk too much coffee today!

PPS- Oh, and shout-outs to Tony and co. at Metropolis today for top spot in the coffee showdown in the Trib today! Yay for good coffee! (You 2, Intelly!)

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

ta-da... we're hiring!

Yup, finally.

As of yesterday, we have phone service!!! Boy, have I ever been so happy to hear a dial tone.

And that means that this show is finally on the road (we're actually still on temp power, but "c'est la vie"...we'll work around it!).

So, tell all your coffee (and non-coffee) peeps to send good people our way.

We're super excited to finally be back on track and just want to thank all you supportive folks for being so dang nice along the way.

Wish us luck!