Thursday, October 25, 2007

hello all you beautiful patient peoples...

Unbelievably, (and quite sadly, frankly,) another month is coming to a close without The Coffee Studio being open. Many of you have let us know how much you want us to be open. We're glad to hear it, and let me make it quite clear to the rest of the universe... we really want to be open too!!!

We're doing as much as is in our power to get open, but unfortunately, these utility issues are simply out of our hands. We are now over a year behind our original schedule. At every point however, we've been told that things 'will be happening' within a week or two... it's actually been really quite draining to be in this constant prep mode. If we had known the building construction would take this long, we would have paced ourselves better (and probably gotten a better lawyer). But we're practicalists (is that a word?), and so we're here, doing our best to deal with the situation we're in and trying to stay positive and optimistic.

So now, the good news:

Yes, I have never been so happy to see a construction crew! These fine fellows finally arrived yesterday to dig up the street to repair the broken conduit between the AT&T manhole and our building. Once they're done, AT&T can come back and hook up the building. And then some other AT&T people can come back and hook up The Coffee Studio's space with phone and DSL. Finally. Whew.

In other good news... the gas company was able to complete their hook-up work and tah-dah... we now have gas service (AKA hot water and heat - it's starting to get chilly around here, you know!!!). Yay!!! Utilities!!! I never thought this would be the stuff I worry about all day. Welcome to the glamorous world of business ownership.

In more exciting (and more coffee-related) news, I spent last Friday afternoon "test-training" our first barista hire and he did totally awesome. I hope to start advertising for our full staff soon, and we'll be on our way to putting together a kick-ass barista team, so I'm really excited.

We'll also be brewing up some coffee for the annual Taste of Andersonville dinner dance next week (and donating some schwag to the silent auction), so if you're local and into that sort of thing, make sure to check that out.

Otherwise, just hang in there with us, and we hope to see you all soon!



Steve said...

It is great to know things are in motion for you guys. It is awful to hear about they drag their feet to hook up the utilities.

I had thought about driving up this weekend and check your progress, also at the same time, wondered if I had missed your opening announcement.

Now I just patiently wait for your opening. : )


Jay and Devin said...

Hey Guys, good to hear, I saw the dig crew the other day and thought Oh No. But I'm glad to hear that its good news. I see AT& T out there today today, so that even sounds like we are getting closer to open.

Hold that front window table for our group, we are ready to fill the the place with love.