Monday, September 24, 2007

What's been missing from all our photos?


That's right, these fine folks were our first "customers" yesterday during the Andersonville Dessert Crawl. Well, not quite customers, since we're still not officially open for business (and we just gave them the coffee), but they are the first people that we don't know who came into the shop empty handed and left with some coffee and treats! [Thanks for letting us take your pic, friendly folks!]

I am happy to say that yesterday was an overwhelming success, and very exciting indeed. We've been working 'round the clock to get a lot of last minute projects completed (shelves mounted, chalkboards framed, etc.), including perfecting the recipe for our dessert offering, a (Black Cat) espresso mousse that was a big hit ("You have to put this on your menu!").

I don't have an exact customer count, but we probably had between 200 to 250 people come in during the three hour "crawl", with Miguel and myself working the counter, stamping "passports" and serving coffees (a fantastic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and tasty Los Inmortales/El Salvador) and mousse.

The response to our efforts was awesome with enough positive comments about the shop and the treats to go around. We luckily hit no major glitches, and had our first real taste of (hopefully) what's to come.

Thanks again to friends and neighbors who stopped by (and even lent a hand) and for all your good wishes and support!

See you soon!


Steve said...

It looks like I missed a great party. I had friends over for the weekend, and some coffee, just not as grand as yours. Black Cat espresso mousse sounds very enticing!

Jay and Devin said...

We missed it, with this new puppy, we have our hands full. Let us know. We are waiting for some serious coffee Guys.

Jay and Devin (Across the street)