Thursday, August 30, 2007

"When are you opening?"

We are really excited that there are so many people looking forward to our opening! We've heard from lots of you, and you all want to know the same thing... the grand opening date.

Well, folks, the answer is... we don't know.
*sound of needle loudly slipping off the record*

Yes, as unbelievable as it is, the gut-rehab building that we are in still does not have phone, gas, or the most important of all, the new upgraded electrical service. And, here it comes...

It might be another month!!! [I'm, going to skip the gory details. It's between the building owner and the utilities... but with us caught between.]

I know, I know! Trust me, we want to be open as much as you do (more, I'm sure!).

Our construction is done. We've got some shelves to paint, some slipcovers to finish, that sort of thing, but we're pretty much waiting on the utilities. Of course, we're not sitting around idle. There's plenty to do. We want to hit the ground running as soon as we have the go ahead!

I'll post some pics later (I don't have any new ones on my phone - oops!), but I wanted to let you guys know the skinny.

And I promise, as soon as we know when we'll be open... you'll be the first to know!

See you soon.


Steve said...

Oh Shoot!

Love your "*sound of needle loudly slipping off the record*"

Jay said...

Hey Guys, things are looking good. Hope to see you open soon. Just let us know, we are ready....

mike said...

Super sweet O lookin' job kiddies. Kudos. I'm an Intelly Barista and curious if I have ever served you folks at one of our shops... and if I have not it would be a pleasure to. I work at the broadway store thur, fri, sat and at the mill park store tues, wed.... my name is mike and you can probably spot me as the outlandishly over talkative guy behind the counter. Any how, introduce yourselves and let me get you a round or two next time your in.