Friday, July 27, 2007

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Did you miss the grand opening?

Just kidding.

You didn't miss nuthin'. We're not open yet, a week past our target opening date. The date passed by with nary a flutter.

I know... delays happen to everyone (almost), but I thought we were going to be different. Tant pis! In our case, the delay is mainly that we still have not been given permanent power, reliable water, natural gas or basic telephone service. No big deal, right!? So no DSL (for POS system and camera system set up), no fax (for job applications), no water treatment system (um, for water), no refrigeration (milk), no real training (sad, lonely Robur), and no hiring (can't do it until we know for sure when we're going to be able to open, and they won't give us dates!).

We are not litigious people, but our patience is definitely working overtime. It's interesting that when we were looking for locations, we really felt that we were applying for landlord approval, trying to prove our professionalism, financials, experience, plans, etc. (to be accepted as a desirable and responsible tenant), when maybe in fact it should have been more of a reciprocal process. We are still very happy with this location (which we worked very long and hard to get), but the process of getting the space to vanilla shell and completely ready for us has been long and painful, and we we really didn't anticipate it at all.

In any case, we're trying to make use of this extra (waiting) time as best we can. Our construction is mostly done, but our guys slowed down a bit when it became clear that the basic services were not coming right around the corner... the rush was off. But everything is pretty much in (cabinets, floors, lights, furniture, plumbings), except for the counters (installed this week), glass and wood details (next week), exterior bits (soon), and other "small" discreet elements like the shelf/menu system. It's looking pretty nice. We're happy.

We're also still working on and tweaking menu, finalizing product selection and vendors and placing first orders, responding to some interest from potential employees, working out design details, coordinating deliveries, managing the budget and lots of all over the place stuff like that.