Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Unbelievably June

Well, I have a some more update pics to share, but none are as fun as this one, sent to me by a friendly soon-to-be-neighbor/customer, showing his cutie kiddo in front of the shop. Thanks, Jason!

Jason also asked about our hours, and in fact, some other friendly neighbors have posted comments expressing a desire for us to be open late. We're in the process of determining our exact hours right now, and it's a tricky business indeed. We're working on it! We may actually start with a slightly earlier closing time during the week and then see how demand looks. It's easier to add hours than take them away, but I promise we'll be open to at least 8pm during the week (Sun-Thurs) and probably 10pm on Fridays and Saturday. And trust me, if there's enough (desire and) business, we'll make sure we're there for you guys!

We're getting crazy busy as the weeks are zipping by and the list of things we need to get done keeps growing! In addition to the build-out, we're working on the menu and sourcing, designing marketing elements, working on various ongoing negotiations, and preparing to start the advertising/hiring/training process.

Build-out is going great, except that we still don't have power, water or gas, but eh... who need that stuff. We're super pleased with our guys... great attention to detail, good sense of humor, strong. They graciously carried over a thousand pounds of recycled rubber flooring down to the basement today. I gave them cookies. Fair deal? I'm not sure. They were really good cookies though.

In any case, here's some pics:


mikep said...

Hey Lee,
You mentioned in a previous post that your bar wall will be sort of low- what is the reason behind that?

Everything looks like it is going nicely!

lee said...

Hi Mike.

The barista area is average height, but the main bar is a little lower for ADA reasons. We didn't want to have a cut out area by the register, preferring the long low horizontal look.

The design intent is to create more openness and transparency between the customers and baristas. We plan to use a good amount of glass casework also though, so the overall effect should feel nice when it's done. I haven't seen anyone doing what we're planning however, so it's a bit of an experiment! Cross your fingers!

PS- I added a comment on your blog, but thanks for the Signature Drink heads up!

mikep said...

Very cool- I visited Cafe Grumpy (Chelsea) a while ago and I noticed that their layout (the sort of low look) made you feel a bit more "intimate" with the baristas. Sounds like you will have that too.

Steve said...

WOW, can't wait to see the completion...Looking dazzling already!