Saturday, June 30, 2007

moving right along...

Hello, blog world (and a 'howdy' to any new readers we picked up from the friendly little mention on Gaper's Block/Drive-Thru!),

Things are moving, though visual changes at the space are subtle to see. Lots of little boxes are being checked off of the to do list daily.

Nightly, well this week at least, Miguel and I have been tackling the time-intensive process of installing the recycled rubber floor in the basement, not getting home until around 11pm or so. I'm pretty sore to boot... those rolls of rubber weigh a ton (two pounds per square foot, actually) and are pretty hard to maneuver (and we're still not done!).

We should finally be ready for our temp barista set-up in the basement by the beginning of the week, which means (Yay!) our brand-spanking new, beautiful Synesso Cyncra espresso machine will be moving in next week, ready for us to start playing.

Kitchen equipment (sans coolers) are in, and a good chunk of that stuff is already plumbed in. Electricians have been doing their thing (wires are "pulled" and a lot of fixtures/tracks are now in). HVAC guys pretty much done. Cabinet frames are assembled. Bathroom doors went up yesterday (plus a bunch of other odd carpentry jobs are done). Subfloors are in in the bathrooms. Drywall patching is complete. Painters are back on Monday to finish up their stuff. Furniture is arriving. Things are moving along! (We are still struggling to get some critical things completed by the landlord's guys, but most of it is out of our hands, so I'll skip the gory details.)

Days are filled with check-ups at the space, calls/follow-ups to vendors, fixing hiccups, making purchasing decisions, ordering stuff, monitoring the budget/moving money around (and dealing with heavy SBA paperwork requirements), and handling a gazillion more little things (alarm systems, security cameras, exterior design elements, water filtration system, cups + mugs, cash handling stuff, retail merchandise, etc.). These are multi-tasking days like I've never known them! But it's also fun (if a little 'aughhh!').

Our house is a mess, but at least we're eating our veggies. Overwhelmed with green stuff from our CSA delivery, we managed to cook up a storm this week despite our schedule: two kinds of zuchini bread, banana bread, annise hyssop/chocolate cookies, potato/bok choi soup, orange and thyme baked tofu, ravioli (from the store) with sauteed radish greens and a chilled zuchini and avocado soup. Not bad, eh? Let's hope we can keep it up.

Miguel's also in the process finishing up a chair design for a competition as we speak (and finishing up the last of some zuchini bread with some Intelly microlot direct trade Bolivian coffee, yum!), and I'm preparing for our afternoon out visiting local vendors. For those if you in for a leisurely weekend... enjoy it for us!

More updates soon...


Steve said...

Hi Lee,

You are making me nervous about that endless to-do list...Hope you and Miguel had a chance to peel away from the build-out and out to celebrate the 4th.


Jay and Devin said...

Hey Guys,

Looking forward to your opening day. My Partner and I live right across the street and are so waiting for your opening.

Please put us on your email list when you get one up and running.

Good Luck, and let us know the opening day, so we can pack the house for you guys.

lee said...

Hey there!

Sorry for the lack of posts... we're just busy, busy!

It's always nice to hear people are excited about our opening! Hope to meet you guys soon.


Jason Duncan said...

Things look great. Nice work and good luck with the rest of it. bold

Jay and Devin said...

How goes it guys, it looks like you guys might be getting close over there. We are ready for Coffee.