Monday, June 18, 2007

A month to go...

A month to go!?!?! Oh boy, is there a lot to do.

And quite a few things have quite a lead time, which means they need to have been done by yesterday already... tricky for a bunch of perfectionists!

Currently working on:
- cup sleeves
- prepaid cards
- website
- hiring preparation
- final menu list/product selection
- menu worksheet/POS
- furniture orders
- final counter construction drawings
- glass casework design and cabinets
- a gazillion little things
- (life)

Of course we're working seven days a week right now... it feels a lot like being back in design school actually. We did manage to take a break last night to make it out to at Ravinia (the Chicago summer concert/picnic-blanket fest ) last night with a bunch of friends to hear Seu Jorge. Awesome! (And only a few Cicada sightings, nothing horror-movie-ish.)

This weekend we actually also got our first box of vegetables from Angelic Organics, the CSA we joined this year. I used to do it when I lived in Detroit. You sign up in advance for a "share" of the harvest and get a box of local, farm-fresh veggies every week. Being this busy preparing to open the shop though, we're really going to have to work to make sure we're eating well and not letting those veggies go to waste (our recent habits outstanding, man cannot live on Raisin Bran alone!). We discovered something we weren't familiar with in our box though... "Garlic Scapes". Pretty cool looking, and delicious in the "Fennel and Garlic Scape Spread" I whipped up yesterday to put in some Ravinia sandwiches. I love learning new things.

Anyway, enough about all that, you probably want pics. The transformation from the last pics is probably not visually immense... but being over there, lots of little things are changing:
- wires pulled (through the conduit)
- brick sealed
- drywall mudded/taped, primed and mostly painted (ignore the yellow.. it's a primer)
- epoxy floors poured behind bar and in kitchen
- kitchen FRP up and drop ceiling in
- basement doors partially in

Ok, just a couple pics:


Steve said...

Hi Lee,

I have been crazy busy the last couple of days..Your place looks so promising, contemporary and chic. I can’t wait to see the place after the construction completes…I know I am going to love it…



Bob said...

Saw the paper go up on the windows, then saw the link here from GB... really excited that folks are starting to pay attention to this end of Andersonville. (I'm on Edgewater Ave. so you'll be located very conveniently for me.)

Any news or gossip on the availability and source of baked goods and pastries?

I'm looking forward to helping you pay your rent! :)


loren said...

So when you say "a month to go..." what does that really mean? Is there a date announced yet?

lee said...

Hi, Bob.
We're still working on the pastries and delicousnesses, so no announcements on that are ready yet.
We live in the neighborhood too, so we're excited to see more people/businesses coming into the area as well!

Hey, Loren.
Um, no... our target opening date is still a little fuzzy since there're still some big things that are out of our hands: we actually still don't have power, water or gas to our space (until they get all that stuff working, our target opening date will be moving around). Why? Ya gonna come visit?

Anonymous said...

Can't wait until you guys open, just back from Europe and we are ready for some great coffee.

The Boys across the Street

megan fath said...

Let me know when the official opening date is- can't wait to see it and all your efforts!

lee said...

hi megan!

maybe we'll have to have a bit of a shin dig for the design-y folks...