Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Well you've got to know how exciting this is:

Yes kids, it's our very own dumpster. It even has our name on it. We're so proud.

In other (actually very exciting) news, we got our approved set of plans back from the Health Department, so that's one less (big) thing to worry about. I'll save you the long story about all the bureaucratic goof-ups that caused all the delays. It's done, and that's what matters! So with our building permit already in the other hand, we're really ready to go. As soon as they get the electrical panel in that is, which could happen sometime, if the stars ever align and we all cross our fingers and throw in a penny.

All the main HVAC ducts are in, and so is the bathroom pipe venting, so stuff is definitely happening. Here's the worst picture ever taken (of our new trunk ducts), for people who can see in the dark.

We also put together a little teaser ad for the "First Annual Andersonville Wine Crawl" passport guidebook thing. It doesn't have a very wide distribution, but we thought it was a nice opportunity to reach a local, foodie/gourmet crowd and have a little fun. The Wine Crawl is on May 6th. Want a sneak peek?

OK... but don't tell anyone:


Steve said...

Hi Lee,

This is exciting news about getting things moving! Nice logo!

Ysabeau Wilce said...


I live in the nabe, and am excited about the prospect of good coffee finally coming to Andersonville! I'm looking forward to your opening--good luck....as soon the espresso machine is plugged in, I'll be there!