Friday, March 09, 2007

Short on posts...

... short on progress.

Well, not really, but definitely short on 'post-able'/tangible progress. Unfortunately, due to a number of factors beyond our control, our space still is not ready to be turned over to us, and won't be ready for at least a few weeks still. This will push back (forward?) our opening date, sadly.

In the meantime we do have a bunch going on... we've ordered our espresso machine (yay!) which we are totally excited about, and some chairs too(for which I've been sewing some cushion prototypes). We're also working on spec'ing out all kinds of stuff and getting tighter quotes on equipment and construction. It's tax time too, so I'm also working on a lot of accounting stuff, both for the coffee shop and the design business and still researching lots of logistical stuff.

We've also got a lot of design work coming in right now too, so Miguel's been pulling a lot of late nights/weekends working (not to mention getting stuck all day in upstate New York in the midst of an air traffic fiasco the other day). Dante (le gros chat noir) also got quite scary-sick a couple of weeks ago, and after quite a bit of nurturing (and 'procedures' and medications) he definitely seems on the mend, which is quite a relief. But there's certainly been no lack of excitement around here, even if it seems we're quiet. Hopefully we'll have lots to report on (and photograph) soon!


Steve said...

I realized that we have to go by their schedules and deadlines, not the other way around…Not fun… : ) or : (

lee said...

so do you have your location already set (last time i talked to jay he said you were still negotiating)? i'd love to talk to you sometime and hear about what you're up to. feel free to email me:(lee/thecoffeestudio)

Steve said...

Hi Lee,

I am not quite at the point to negotiate. I‘ve found a space on Grand, about 2 blocks away from Lakeshore drive. The problem is that the city codes require a bathroom, even for a 400SF space! We are waiting for a plumber to check if it is possible to drill the floor (something about stacking), and hopefully we can get that done next week. I’ll keep in touch, and that is for sure!