Thursday, December 28, 2006

Still just the beginning...

Now that the lease is signed (and the loan "closed"), the clock is ticking... rent's gonna be due soon.

The space should be turned over to us soon, and as soon as we can get our building permits (please go quickly, please, please...), we'll start construction on our buildout.

Here's the space back in May (when we first looked at it) and then this week after being pretty much gutted and repaired over the past few months. They were going to re-drywall over the brick, but we requested they just clean them up/sandblast them instead... what a difference that made (the brick was filthy)!

It's still just a shell though. Lots to do.

Of course, the actual building is only a part of the business. We still have plenty of other areas to work on, to name a few:
  • finalize the menu
  • secure necessary licenses and inspections
  • wrap up branding/identity development
  • order equipment
  • select vendors/suppliers
  • develop operational systems/materials
  • set up accounting systems
  • initiate marketing outreach
  • implement hiring and training plan
  • return ridiculously overdue library books on leasing retail space.
So... it's time to get back to work! In the meantime, here's something yummy to start the day.

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